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Bonnie&Clyde Body Jewelry and piercing e-shop aims to inspire people to be exactly who they want to be.  We want all of us to have access to body jewelry that is safe for your health and beautiful to look at. Body jewelry and piercing jewelry made just for you!


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About Us

Jewelry designed for your body – be who you are! Bonnie&Clyde Body Jewelry and piercings is an online store dedicated to inspiring people to be who they want to be. We want everyone to have access to body jewelry that are safe for their health and nice to look at.


Don't know what you're looking for? We help you discover.

Customers about us

"I have always wanted to express myself differently. Thanks to Bonnie&Clyde jewelry I always feel better. I would recommend to others!"


"Thank you very, very much! I'm mega happy with the products. The products reached me quickly. 100% recommend"


Body Jewelry and Piercings made just for you!

Having worked in the field of body piercing for over five years, Airi has encountered people on a daily basis who have nowhere to go to get quality body jewelry that fit their body anatomy and are designed to their liking.

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